[slideshow_deploy id=’656′]Les Pensées d’Or also hosts the mosaic studio of Mimi. After her photography training in Amsterdam and her design training in Munich, she has committed herself to mosaic art. She could benefit from first class workshops offered by the art centre La Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine in the nearby Paray-le-Monial, where an international team of world renowned mosaic artists pass on the secrets of the métier. The mosaic objects that Mimi creates are exposed in her studio and some of them are also for sale.

For Mimi mosaics are more than just a passion: it inspires her to contemplation and self-reflection. In line with the objectives of Pensées d'Or, and also because she just loves to do so, Mimi offers two different workshops.

Workshop 1
This mosaic workshop is suitable for people without any experience. You will be familiarized with different tools and materials and you will be introduced to a simple mosaic technique.
Within the agreed time frame you will create a two or a three-dimensional object of your choice (e.g. a coaster, mirror, scale or vase). You will get advice on the choice of your patterns and colors. This workshop with personal guidance will be an inspiring and relaxing experience.


Workshop 2
An ephemeral or volatile mosaic work is first created, then dismantled and returned to nature. The underlying spiritual theme of this workshop is "the transient and ever changing nature of all things". The workshop is not offered as therapy but it can lead to self-reflection. This mosaic creation is not taken home under your arm – but in your heart.
The materials used in your mosaic work may consist of "natural mosaic stones" which you collect yourself in the garden or forest (e.g. twigs, leaves, flowers, acorns, snail shells, feathers, stones) supplemented by materials available in the studio (natural stone, glass, ceramics and metal).

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