Les Pensées d'Or Les Pensées d’Or is an environment for contemplation, to let life stand still for a while. Here that can take place with a positive attitude to life, here in Burgundy that’s "in the air". You can use this environment to come to yourself.

Perhaps you are looking for some time to do absolutely nothing, for example, to think about something. Maybe you just need to be left alone and want to get inspired by nature. Maybe you want to take time to prepare yourself for a new phase in your life. With all those wishes you are more than welcome at Les Pensées d’Or. And if you need some distraction or an inspiring activity, then you can have that as well.

In our region there are numerous opportunities to enjoy sports and culture (please also look under “Region”). In your room you will find a basket of leaflets and brochures about concerts (including classical and jazz in old churches) exhibitions, sports, restaurants, castles, museums, historic towns (Cluny!), vineyards, cheese producers and more. We are happy to help you make your choice.
In addition, we offer the following workshops for you: