Mind Coaching

Les Pensées d'OrLes Pensées d’Or means both “the Golden violets” as “the Golden thoughts”. Our modern society rarely offers us the opportunity to even pay attention to what we think and feel. Here we will provide you with sufficient opportunity and a glass of wine and a little comfort need not to be missing.

It can happen to all of us: job loss, separation, a farewell or a nasty diagnosis. Les Pensées d'Or is a place to let life come to a hold and to reflect. Your hosts are themselves for several years engaged in meditation and contemplation. They offer you a relaxing and comfortable setting, a listening ear and, if desired, also training in meditation and contemplation. If you consider taking a workshop "Mind Coaching", you can find here (LINK) more information.


But also if you just want to "recharge your batteries", or to write a book or prepare for a concert, Les Pensées d'Or is the ideal address. Regardless of whether you come to the Les Pensées d'Or with a certain purpose or because you simply feel like it: we look forward to having you as our guest!


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