[slideshow_deploy id=’590′]On as little as a five-hour drive from the French northern border, in the South of Burgundy, is the Charolais-Brionnais-region. It’s a lovely peaceful zone with rolling hills and water, surrounded by the Loire and intersected with channels landscaped by human hand. It is not only a unique and exceptionally beautiful scenery, but also an important territory of numerous plant and animal species.

The Charolais-Brionnais region is composed of 85% pastureland, meticulously delineated by hedgerows and dense tree patches like you’ll find nowhere else. This is the unique rural landscape of Charolais-Brionnais country, preserved thanks to the farming community, responsible in very large part for the preservation of this magnificent territory!

The Charolais-Brionnais-region is the cradle of the "charolais" beef and sheep breed, that is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. This region is unique for its impressive concentration of Romanesque churches and chapels. Some charming while others splendorous, over one hundred edifices showcase the intense religious fervor and artistic and architectural flourish during the Middle Ages. The Paray-le-Monial Basilica, a period masterpiece miraculously still standing today, illustrates the phenomenal technique and skill on display in Cluny-style Romanesque art.

The history of this territory is also unveiled through its museums, craftsmen’s workshops and castles. Nearly 100 classic chateaux, tamed fortresses and genteel manor homes scattered across the landscape! These treasures have earned the Charolais-Brionnais the label as a “Land of Artistic and Historical Distinction”, awarded by France’s Culture Ministry in 2007. Kaart2The region has also applied for nomination on the World Heritage list of Unesco. Friends of nature, history lovers, hikers and bon vivants are here at the right place for exceptional historical heritage, for the most tempting local produce and for the most beautiful hiking trails. Please download the brochure here for more information.

For me, the Charolais landscape exudes first and foremost the softness and poetry found in the local colors that always amaze regardless of the season. An incomparable pace and quality of life is infused here, in sync with local cattle breeding and culinary delicacies as well as with the Romanesque architecture in full display. This land inspires spirituality as well as a life philosophy.

Verdiano Marzi, Master of Mosaic