Healthy nutrition

Les Pensées d'Or

This “workshop” is free of charge and consists of "getting to know" and "experiencing" methods for healthy nutrition, that you might not yet have know but are a bit curious about.

More and more people are interested in healthy nutrition. And that is wonderful! Because everything you eat affects your body and your soul. Not only due to the medical background of François, but also because both hosts are actively engaged in the subject of healthy food, nutrition is often a topic of conversation among friends and guests. Think of topics as "Low Carb" (carbohydrate restriction), cholesterol and "Raw Food".

Increasing the proportion of fresh and raw foods in our meals can improve the health of body and mind. Are you interested in the benefits of "living" unprocessed plant foods? A stay at Les Pensées d'Or is perhaps a good opportunity to get acquainted with it. In our library you will find enough information to introduce you to the world of "Raw Food" and to find out which vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs are good especially for you. And again, we are there to help you.

TarwegrasPlease allow us to “spoil” you with delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices from our "slowjuicer". Unlike a "high-speed blender" which squashes the ingredients at high speed to a pulp with hard pieces (smoothies, shakes, puddings and soups), the slowjuicer grinds and squeezes the ingredients on a slow pace into healthy living juices packed with nutrients and essential enzymes. Because the fibers are extracted from the juice, the juices are easy to digest. And if you are curious about a treat of wheatgrass juice, then you have come to the right place: we grow our wheat grass ourselves, using the highest quality organic seeds!

This makes your stay at Les Pensées d'Or a healthy holiday! ……………….


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